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OMNICAR solution enables you to manage an unlimited number of service agreements without increasing the administration load.

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Full integration across multiple platforms

All stats and numbers from AutoCRM can seamlessly be integrated with other tools and software packages. It provides you with an easy and quick overview of everything, such as incoming payments and workshop costs associated with each agreement, these numbers can be exported and processed elsewhere. This is a significant benefit for dealerships and workshops who already have their other tools and software packages in place. No worries. You don’t have to change what you already have, the solution can be added to the mix effortlessly.

Powerful two-way integration

AutoCRM empowers your sales team by integrating and strengthening your sales process. If you have the solution set up to integrate with other systems, every change in it will be reflected system-wide. Furthermore, integrations can be set up to go two ways. This means that something coming from outside, can trigger alerts and actions inside. For example, if a car has been serviced and it raises a concern that this customer is approaching their maximum allowed number of kilometres, the solution can re-calculate a new agreement with an increased mileage maximum and a price reflecting this change and send it to the customer for approval.

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Customers typically succeed in selling service agreements to 8 out of 10 car customers. Calculate your potential turnover.

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