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service agreements

OMNICAR solution enables you to manage an unlimited number of service agreements without increasing the administration load.

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Power up your sales processes

Within the AutoCRM you can easily increase your sales efficiency and optimise your sales processes in general.
Knowing your customer as well as you do, enables you to be relevant and on time with any up-selling initiative you make towards you service agreement customers. This way, you can also provide a better customer experience, increase customer loyalty and grow your bottom line – without no additional administration load.

Optimise based on facts

The AutoCRM management module contains comprehensive statistics tool that enables a quick overview of all agreements and details. This will enable you to assess, which type of your agreements that performs the best, or who among your sales staff, that sells the most service agreements.

Calculate your turnover

Customers typically succeed in selling service agreements to 8 out of 10 car customers. Calculate your potential turnover.

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