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OMNICAR solution enables you to manage an unlimited number of service agreements without increasing the administration load.

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The customer and sales management is effectively supported by AutoCRM. The entire portfolio of customers who have signed a service agreement with you, represents a list of continuous sales opportunities. Besides having a secured steady income from the service agreements, you now have a range of details about them and their car. This means, that you know what they’ll need and when they’ll need it. With AutoCRM you also win the additional business of an unlimited number of sales opportunities.


AutoCRM contains an automated email flow with up to 9 different emails. The dialogue covers all stages, from the final offer and activation notification, to emails keeping the customer informed on everything from payments, expiring dates or risk of exceeding the agreed upon mileage limit in the service agreement.

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Customers typically succeed in selling service agreements to 8 out of 10 car customers. Calculate your potential turnover.

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