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OMNICAR solution enables you to manage an unlimited number of service agreements without increasing the administration load.

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Easy, automated handling and administration

Renewing, changing or cancelling an agreement is extremely easy. When an agreement has been changed, the solution automatically calculates the new price. Automatically generated emails will keep the customer up to date with everything from repair bookings and payment reminders to warning notices about expiry of the agreement or exceeding mileage. The system enables you to identify potential up-selling or reselling opportunities.

Create a service agreement in 2 minutes

Enter the registration number and AutoCRM will collect all needed information and calculate the price of the agreement based on your specific terms and rates. With just a few clicks, the offer is sent directly to the customer. The customer receives the agreement by email and can accept the agreement electronically by making payment online. It accepts all major credit cards and payment is made to your bank account directly, it subsequently handles all invoicing automatically.

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Customers typically succeed in selling service agreements to 8 out of 10 car customers. Calculate your potential turnover.

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