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OMNICAR solution enables you to manage an unlimited number of service agreements without increasing the administration load.

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AutoCRM is a 100% ‘plug-and-play’ online solution. No more time-consuming administration and manual invoicing. AutoCRM digitally manages your service agreements and comes with a fully customisable layout to fully meet your specific business requirements and conditions. Thanks to automated management of all processes, you will save time and administrative resources.

How does it work?

Easy calculation

It only takes two minutes to generate a new service agreement. You simply enter the car’s registration number and select term, mileage and any additional services and the calculator will retrieve all the information needed and generate the service agreement.

Sales and electronic approval

Received by email, the customer accepts the agreement electronically by completing payment online directly. AutoCRM is setup to accept all common credit cards, and payment is made directly to your bank account. It will also handle all subsequent invoicing, payment and noticing in case of overdue payment.

Easy management

Renewing, changing or stopping agreements are extremely easy. AutoCRM will automatically calculate new prices matching any changes made. Automatically generated emails will keep customers up to date with everything from repair bookings and payment reminders to warning notices. We’ve even integrated a comprehensive statistics tool that enables quick overviews.

Calculate your turnover

Customers typically succeed in selling service agreements to 8 out of 10 car customers. Calculate your potential turnover with AutoCRM.

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