The customer journey doesn’t end with the sale

The fact that the customer journey goes beyond the car purchase itself is often forgotten and rarely acted upon. But naturally, the years between the purchase of one car and the next is paved with sales opportunities. A long-term service agreement tailored to the car buyer’s need is the most valuable add-on sale you can make. It forms a bond between you and the customer ensuring you years of turnover, a constant accumulated revenue and next to zero added administration. Read more about AutoCRM service agreement manager here.

Treating a customer beyond his or her expectation is a great way to win their trust and build a lifelong loyalty. Marketing Automation, integrated by API, with CRM support systems, deliver personalised updates. And you will have the benefit of collecting the data you need to know exactly when to start selling your customer a new car.

Get to know your customer and succeed

Identifying the difference between casual interest and intent to buy has extreme value.
Marketing Automation can qualify that distinction for you. Once a customer’s email permission is captured, marketing automation can automatically trigger a persuasive combination of emails, online ads, personalised web experiences, live chats and even a timely phone call to push leads towards exactly the content and information they will find relevant and useful. When information about demographics, interests, needs and model preferences are captured, it’s even possible to automate the delivery of a personalised stock list update or a tailored leasing offer.

Key functions

Data-driven automated marketing/Omnichannel marketing/Personalised communication/Boost customer loyalty/Increase lifetime customer value/Own the aftermarket turnover

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