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AutoCRM sales and customer module increases the number of leads and boosts your total turnover. Several predefined processes effectively push your leads through the sales funnel towards a closed sale. All leads, whether they are from configuration plug-ins, model specific micro-sites, campaign sites or landing pages, are stored, managed and distributed with precision to the relevant branches or staff members. They are automatically notified by email when there is a new lead that calls for action. Set performance targets for your sales staff and track results for bonus calculations and for qualifying a general business performance assessment.


In AutoCRM sales and customer module, all test drives are pushed towards closing the deal through automated processes and email flows. Test-drive leads will automatically receive model-specific emails tailored to each individual phase in the test-drive process, which ensures the highest possible completion rate of booked test drives.

Key functions

real time status for all leads and showroom visits/complete crm system/automated email and text message dialogue/sales status monitoring/campaign status insights/real-time transaction data

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