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OmniCar Holding AB: New strategy, revised guidance and cost cutting

As announced on June the 17th 2019 OmniCar Holding AB will be restructuring the organisation and reducing operational costs.

Last day of trading in BTA 2 in OmniCar Holding AB

In May 2019, OmniCar Holding AB (“OmniCar”) conducted a rights issue of shares in which the general public was given the opportunity to subscribe for shares.

Notice of extraordinary general meeting in Omnicar Holding AB

OmniCar Holding AB (the “Company”) will hold an Extraordinary General Meeting 09.30 CET on Thursday 23 July 2019 at MAZAR SET Revisionsbyrås office, Terminalgatan 1 i Helsingborg]. Registration begins at 09.00 CET.

Today, the subscription period starts in OmniCar’s rights issue

Today, on the 9th of May 2019, the subscription period commences in OmniCar Holding AB’s (“OmniCar”) rights issue to finance geographical expansion and sales activities until planned profitability at the end of 2019.

OmniCar publishes memorandum ahead of the rights issue

OmniCar Holding AB (”OmniCar”) hereby publishes the investment memorandum ahead of the company’s rights issue, in which the subscription period starts on Thursday May 9th, 2019.

OmniCar Holding AB: Reach great milestone – SEK 75 mill in total service contract value

Omnicar SAM platform is performing significant better than expected.

Omnicar publishes annual report 2018

The board of directors and the CEO of OmniCar Holding AB, company registration number 559113-3987, hereby present the financial statements and consolidated financial statements for the financial year 2018-01-01 - 2018-12-31.

Today OMNICAR publishes the Q4 Interim report 2018

Q4 2018 has at 25% revenue increase compared to Q3 2018 and we estimate that OmniCar will reach profitability already at the end of 2019.

Notice of extraordinary general meeting

OmniCar Holding AB will hold an Extraordinary General Meeting 09:30 am CET on Thursday 3 January 2019 at MAZAR SET Revisionsbyrås office.

Information about the Q4 2018 interim report

The Q4 report of OMNICAR Holding AB will be publish on Jan 30th 2019.

Today OMNICAR publish the Q3 Interim report 2018

The revenue continues to grow and September was OMNICAR's best month in 2018. The revenue is now 100% software sales and is all based on recurrent revenue.

Mercedes-Benz Norway has chosen OmniCar’s software solution to sell and manage service agreements for utility vehicles

Mercedes-Benz Norway has chosen OmniCar’s software solution to handle service agreements for a wide range of utility vehicles.

OmniCar targets new segments after agreement with Mercedes-Benz in Norway

OmniCar has signed a new agreement with Mercedes-Benz in Norway to help them implement a digital and automated solution to manage service agreements for taxis and driving schools in Norway.

OmniCar sets record with 22 new customers in one week

OmniCar is proud to announce that an impressive and record-setting 22 new customers signed onto OmniCar SAM last week.

Danish auto industry nominates OMNICAR SAM for Product of the Year and Initiative of the Year

After only 12 months on the market, OMNICAR has impressed both workshops and dealerships throughout the Nordic countries with its SAM solution.

Bjarne Nielsen A/S chooses OmniCar as its service agreement software provider

As part of its strategy to increase customer loyalty and aftermarket sales, the renowned car dealer group Bjarne Nielsen A/S has signed a contract with OmniCar.

Clients choose Omnicar due to new market demands

Two of the latest workshops, Undal Autoservice ApS with more than 40 years of experience and Dalmose Auto, have both chosen OmniCar due to new market demands.

OmniCar continues to impress the market with its innovative and flexible solution

Two of the latest customers to have signed onto the solution, RAF Motors and Globus Biler A/S, have both chosen OmniCar to help them increase their service agreement sales.

The number of OmniCar customers continues to grow

It has been yet another great week for OmniCar, which continues to sign five new customers to the SAM platform.

OmniCar reaches new monthly revenue high

Omnicar hit a new monthly revenue high in September and now enters the fourth quarter on a very positive note.

Danish workshops set to increase customer loyalty with OmniCar SAM

It has been another great week for OmniCar who’s been experiencing an increased interest from car dealers and workshops throughout the Nordics.

Car dealers and workshops are missing out on millions in untapped service agreement revenue

A market survey from Analyse Danmark combined with figures from a recent market overview from Dansk Industri (DI) show that there is a huge and unaddressed gap on the auto service agreement market.

Large car dealer signs with OMNICAR to improve customer loyalty

AT Biler, a top 25 car dealership in Denmark with four car dealers in Denmark, has signed a contract with OMNICAR to help improve customer loyalty by using OMNICAR SAM.

Workshops have huge potential to build customer loyalty through service agreements

A total of 65% of 202 recently surveyed Danish car workshops say customer service is the main tool to build loyalty. 15% focus on service agreements, 13% on loyalty discounts, 9% on newsletters and 24% on other means.

Customers respond positively to new strategy and pricing in both Denmark and Sweden

After adjusting its strategy and pricing model OmniCar has witnessed great response from the market. With three different packages and price levels more car dealers can see how the OMNICAR Service Agreement Management (SAM) solution fits into their businesses.

Invitation to webinar about Q2 report and KPIs

In continuation of our Q2 interim report, OMNICAR invites all investors to participate in a webinar where key figures and future KPIs in OMNICAR’s business will be presented. All participants are welcome to ask questions.

New pricing, KPI follow up on Q2 report

Many investors have asked us about our new pricing structure and whether it was a profit warning. Below I wish to address the reason behind the pricing change.

French high-end car brand set to benefit from OMNICAR solution

OMNICAR is experiencing a growing interest in the company’s products and solutions throughout the Nordics. The latest car brand to benefit from OMNICAR’s digital solution is DS Automobiles in Norway.

Opel Norway has chosen OMNICAR’s solution to manage all its service agreements

The last couple of weeks have been busy for OMNICAR. Numerous car dealers and workshops have signed contracts and now yet another acknowledged car brand will benefit from OMNICAR’s service agreement solution.

OMNICAR adjusts its strategy: Stronger focus on lucrative car dealer segment

While OMNICAR’s long-term goal remains the same, the company has decided to turn its strategic focus to authorised car dealers, car importers and large workshop chains.

One of Sweden’s most well-known car dealers signs contract with OMNICAR

The latest car dealer to benefit from OMNICAR’S Service Agreement Management (SAM) solution is the 40-year-old Swedish car dealer and workshop Jarls Bilservice. The company is a specialized BMW and Alpina importer.

Industry expert joins the board of directors

The founder of Nordic Forum and former FTZ CEO Jens Sørensen has accepted the offer of joining the board of directors of OMNICAR Holding AB.

Automotive Industry Report: Survey reveals high demand for service agreements but only a few workshops offer them

Two major surveys involving 1,176 Danish car owners and 202 Danish workshops reveal a big gap between the supply and demand for service agreements. The surveys reveal a high demand for service agreements but only a few workshops offer them.

OMNICAR signs contract with one of the most popular cars dealer in South of Sweden

OMNICAR is happy to announce the signing of an new important contract. This time Westmans Bilcenter, one of the most well-known and reputable pre-used car dealers in South of Sweden, has chosen OMNICAR SAM to leverage the company’s service offerings and stimulate sales.

OMNICAR to launch Service Agreement Management 2.0 in Q4

Since the introduction of our Service Agreement Management (SAM) solution in 2017 the market has responded positively.

OMNICAR signs contract with a large authorised Ford, Mazda, Suzuki and Hyundai car dealer and workshop in Denmark

OMNICAR signs contract with a large authorised Ford, Mazda, Suzuki and Hyundai car dealer and workshop in Denmark

OMNICAR signs contract with Brooklands Helsingborg AB

We are proud to announce that Brooklands Helsingborg AB has signed a contract with OMNICAR. Apart from being a well-reputed authorised workshop for Jaguar, Land Rover and Range Rover, Brooklands specialises in advising its customers in finding their new dream car and giving them the best car owner experience.

OMNICAR enters the Swedish market

There is so much demand for OMNICAR’s digital solution for car dealers and car dealerships that the IT company has now accelerated its planned move into Sweden.

Significant international interest in OMNICAR

Today, the company released its Q1 report. "In the first months of 2018, we have registered significant interest in OMNICAR, not just in Scandinavia, but in the entire European market, which is growing," says Claus T. Hansen, CEO of OMNICAR.

OMNICAR determined to reach 2018 target – growth more important than profitability

IT company OMNICAR will now be focusing more on attracting customers and revenue growth than adding money to the bottom line, says Claus T. Hansen, CEO of OMNICAR.

Dansk Bilbrancheråd is digitalising its workshops in cooperation with OMNICAR

Dansk Bilbrancheråd has signed a framework agreement with IT company OMNICAR, which will assist with digitalising the workshop sector. Dansk Bilbrancheråd expresses high expectations for the cooperation.

Workshops speed up digitization

Værksteder sætter fart på digitalisering

CEO – OMNICAR has never been stronger

IT company OMNICAR has today published its annual report for 2017, and with a revenue that has nearly doubled and a steady increase in new customers, the company’s ambitions have been boosted.

OMNICAR launches portal for service contracts aimed at consumers in the third quarter

IT company OMNICAR will be launching a portal for service contracts aimed at consumers in the third quarter of 2018.

IT company doubles its revenue and reports a net loss in the millions

More shares are listed on the mini stock exchange Aktietorget in Sweden than on Nasdaq OMX Copenhagen and First North put together. IT company OMNICAR that has masterminded software solutions for car dealers and workshops nearly doubled its revenue in 2017 while reporting a bottom line in the red.


IT­-selskabet OMNICAR får den 1. maj Thor Laage ­Petersen ind som ny CIO, hvor han skal sikre, at OMNICARS digitale udvikling følger selskabet globale vækstambitioner.

Softwareselskab henter direktør for at sætte skub i globale ambitioner

Med ansættelsen af en it-direktør sætter OMNICAR turbo på ambitionerne om global tilstedeværelse.

Kevin signs contract

Den danske Formel 1-kører har indgået en treårig aftale med IT-firmaet OMNICAR

Magnussen signs sponsor agreement with Danish IT-company

Som et led i sin globale strategi har det danske IT-selskab OMNICAR tegnet sponsoraftale med Kevin Magnussen.

OMNICAR enters new sponsorship deal with the Danish Formula One driver Kevin Magnussen

The booming IT company OMNICAR presents its new partnership with Kevin Magnussen

Kort nyt – Navne

Tom Due Andersen er ansat som salgs- direktør hos it-selskabet OMNICAR.

Softwareselskab med fokus på bilbranchen henter nye kræfter til direktionen

OMNICAR har ansat en ny salgsdirektør, der skal støtte op om softwareselskabets vækststrategi.

Appointed new VP of sales

It­-selskabet OMNICAR opruster på salgssiden.

Jobskifter uge 6

It-selskabet OMNICAR opruster på salgssiden, og har pr. 1. marts ansat Tom Due Andersen som salgsdirektør

Ny salgsdirektør til OMNICAR

It-selskabet OMNICAR opruster på salgssiden. Tom Due Andersen tiltræder som salgsdirektør

Salg i servicekontrakter til eftermarkedet

Ny aftale om håndtering af serviceaftaler mellem Bosch Car Service og Omnicar.

Salg i servicekontrakter til eftermarkedet

Ny aftale om håndtering af serviceaftaler mellem Bosch Car Service og Omnicar.

Danske vækstsucceser gør sig bemærket på svenske mikrobørser

Siden Omnicar blev børsnoteret på Aktietorget i juli, er aktien steget med 174 pct. fra noteringskursen på 5,4 svenske kr.

Danske vækstsucceser gør sig bemærket på svenske mikrobørser

De to danske teknologiselskaber Omnicar og Realfiction stryger til tops på de svenske mikrobørser.

Danskere topper svenske minibørser: Vokser 174 pct.

To danske virksomheder er vokset mest på de svenske mikrobørser i 2017.

Danish IT companies top the Swedish stock exchanges

Danske it-selskaber har succes på den anden side af Øresund

Danish growth successes make themselves noticed on the Swedish micro stock exchanges

I 2017 voksede de to aktier mest på de svenske mikrobørser, hvilket de ikke kunne have gjort i Danmark, ifølge en af topcheferne.

Investors inject 3,1 million euro into OmniCar

A group of Swedish investors are investing 3,1 million euro in the IT company OmniCar

Nye børs babyer

Omnicar omtales i Millionærklubben - lyt til hele podcasten

Børsbaby efter 225 pct kursfest – dropper overskud og satser på vækst

Børsbaby efter 225 pct kursfest - dropper overskud og satser på vækst

Investorer skyder millioner i danske OmniCar

en danske børsraket Omnicar er klar til at indlede sin europæiske offensiv.

Investorer skyder millioner i børsraket: Nu vil Omnicar indtage Europa

En kreds af svenske investorer har skudt 23 mio. kr. i selskabet Omnicar, der blev børsnoteret i sommer.

OMNICAR holding AB reach milestone – 100 customers

It­-selskabet OMNICAR udsendte i går en børsmeddelelse, hvor selskabet fortæller at deres oprindelige målsætning på 100 kunder i 2017 nu er indfriet.

Danske Omnicar har vendt forretningen og satser på software til autobranchen

Den to år gamle danske virksomhed Omnicar har vendt forretningen og satser nu benhårdt på en softwareløsning til bilforhandlere og autoværksteder

It-firma vinder frem i bilbranchen og sætter kurs mod Europa

Virksomheden Omnicar har udviklet en softwareløsning til bilbranchen, som indtil videre har vundet udbredelse i Norden.

Softwareselskab med fokus på bilbranchen har fart på

Trods et underskud på bundlinjen er softwareselskabet Omnicar tilfreds med resultatet af seneste kvartal.

OmniCar holding AB announces new board member

Den erfarne finansmand, Andreas Klainguti, træder ind i OmniCar Holding AB's bestyrelse

Bilernes Hus får godt værktøj til serviceaftaler

Et nyt program gør det nemmere at anskueliggøre biløkonomien frem i tiden for den enkelte bil

Omnicar indgår aftale med storforhandler

Danske Omnicar har netop indgået en aftale med landets største bilhus

Bilernes Hus’ makes deal with OmniCar

We are very pleased to announce that Denmark's largest car dealer, Bilernes Hus, in Silkeborg has chosen OmniCar’s service agreement manager (SAM) as the primary solution when selling and handling service contracts.

OmniCar henter tocifret millionbeløb i børsdebut

Efter en succesfuld IPO kan Omnicar byde velkommen til 700 aktionærer.

OmniCar in open meeting with investors

For første gang siden OmniCars børsnotering i juli står selskabets CEO Claus T. Hansen nu ansigt til ansigt med mange af investorerne

OmniCar presents new agreement with 55 Mercedes-Benz dealers in Norway

OmniCar har netop indgået en aftale med 55 Mercedes-Benz-forhandlere i Norge

30. august 2017 | Efter stigning på 155 pct. – her er ny børsdarlings næste mål

Watch the video fra Børsen Play

Efter stigning på 155 pct. – her er ny børsdarlings næste mål

Efter stigning på 155 pct. - her er ny børsdarlings næste mål

På børsen i Sverige: OmniCar – Hypet aktie med langsigtede muligheder

Omnicar blev noteret på Aktietorget den 13. juli i år til kurs 5,4. Straks er aktien steget med raketfart.

Nye varer på hylderne

Hear podcast from millionærklubben

Omnicar fik stærk børsdebut i Sverige

Aktien sluttede første dag i kurs 7,15 svenske kroner.

Danske Omnicar fik en stærk debut på den lille børs i Svergie

Det danske selskab OmniCar, der udvikler software til bilforhandlere, havde i går sin første handelsdag på den lille svenske børs Aktietorget.

Strong IPO in Sweden for Danish company Omnicar

Med en kursstigning den første handelsdag på 32,41 pct. fik danske Omnicar torsdag en stærk start på livet som børsnoteret selskab på den svenske børs AktieTorget i Stockholm

Aktietorget noterer danske selskaber

Danske virksomheder har i en årrække søgt mod Sverige for at blive børsnoteret, fordi det er lettere at rejse kapital dér. Svenske Aktietorget har siden 2014 børsnoteret seks danske selskaber. I denne uge noteres Omnicar, der bliver det syvende. Selvom Aktietorget er interessede i Danmark, er det endnu usikkert, om der

Danish software for Norway

OMNICAR expects to deliver above target results this year with a major Mercedes agreement.

OmniCars børsdebut blev overtegnet med 193 pct.

IT-­selskabet OmniCar fik for alvor luft under vingerne, da selskabet i sidste uge sluttede den planlagte IPO på den svenske børs AktieTorget.

OmniCars børsdebut blev overtegnet med 193 pct

IT-selskabet OmniCar fik for alvor luft under vingerne, da selskabet i sidste uge sluttede den planlagte IPO på den svenske børs AktieTorget.

Derfor går OmniCar på Børsen

It-selskabet OmniCar, med løsninger til autobranchen, er på den svenske børs AktieTorget for at samle kapital til et nordisk gennembrud.

OmniCar siktar på att omsätta 100 miljoner 2019 #Sitdown

Bolaget värderas före nyemissionen till 53,4 miljoner kronor, en värdering som Claus T Hansen bedömer som “extremt attraktiv”

SvD Börsplus Avsnitt 21: Hej trafikant!

Claus T. Hansen interviewes af SVD Børsplus om den igangværende proces for Omnicars børsintroduktion på AktieTorget i Stockholm.

Omnicar satsar på turboexpansion

Det danska mjukvarubolaget Omnicar siktar mot en notering.

Det danske softwareselskab Omnicar bliver børsnoteret

Selskabet står bag en it­løsning til bil­forhandlere, der kan effektivisere deres workflows ganske betragteligt.

OmniCar går på børsen

Det fremadstormende IT-selskab OmniCar er nu på den svenske børs AktieTorget

Firma bag software til bilbranchen går på børsen i Sverige

Danmark er valgt fra, og Sverige er valgt til, når det danske it­selskab Omnicar lader sig børsnotere.

Stifter til ny børsnotering: Vi er et sikkert kort

Watch video from Børsen play

Omnicar får ny formand

IT-leverandør til autobranchen henter bestyrelsesformand fra telesektoren.

Udnævnelser: Jens Aaløse

Jens Aaløse, koncerndirektør hos TDC, er udnævnt til bestyrelsesformand hos it-selskabet Omnicar.

Koncerndirektør i TDC, Jens Aaløse, tager plads i formandsstolen i it­-selskabet Omnicars bestyrelse

Selskabet står bag en it­-løsning til bil­forhandlere, der kan effektivisere deres workflows ganske betragteligt.

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