When estimating how many service agreements you expect to sell per month, keep in mind, that our customers typically succeed in selling service agreements to 8 out of 10 car customers, with an average at 38 EUR per month. For all agreements you can offer your customers add-on services, contributing to an increased turnover for your business.


Number of service agreements
you expect to sell each month
Select number of service agreements you expect to sell per month. Keep in mind, that service agreements are very easy to complete. The customer will receive an email with a link to the agreement, where they can confirm the agreement and add payment details. It takes less than 2 minutes, and all future payments and administration will be 100% automated.
Monthly price per service agreement,
running for 60 month each.
Select the price your customers will pay on average per month for a service agreement with your workshop. Our experience is, that the average is 40 EUR per month. Keep in mind, that it is possible to have different price levels in OmniCar software, depending on the car model, age of the car, number of annual kilometers driven etc.

In order to calculate a revenue increase for your business, we kindly ask you to simplify the reality and set the average price your customers will pay per month per service agreement.


Monthly prices

Courtesy vehicles
Here you set the amount of additional services, that you consider you can sell, to each of your service agreement customers. There is of course a difference between customers, but both retailers and workshops find, that they can sell extra services for an average of 13,5 EUR per month, to their service agreement customers. Service agreements transform your customer relations, from onetime customers to loyal returning repurchasing customers.
Tire hotel
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With AutoCRM you get unlimited capacity of service agreement without any increase in administration costs. The calculator shows, how a small increase in volume of service agreements, significantly will increase your turnover.

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